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Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa for good reason. Though a small country, it has some of the most diverse cultures in Africa. Its where Footprints Safaris was born and the team delights in helping guests on our bespoke safari vacations discover all that Uganda has to offer. The primordial forest at Bwindi is one of the last refuges of the endangered Mountain Gorillas. Tourism has helped bring the great apes back from the brink of extinction. Trekking to see the gorillas is one of the main attractions of a safari in Uganda.

Though small, Uganda is home to much of the northern shores of Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa. It is the source of the White Nile at Jinja and home to the Mountains of the Moon. Uganda has a complex and fascinating history under colonial rule, followed by several dictators such as Milton Obote and Idi Amin, but today is a thriving stable country which is one of the most welcoming in Africa.

Areas & Destinations

Beyond gorilla trekking

Beyond gorilla trekking, visitors on Footprints Safaris vacations can enjoy encountering chimpanzee’s in the forests at Kibale, discover the source of the White Nile, or perhaps go white water rafting at Jinja. Guests can embark on cruises on Lake Victoria or the Kazinga Channel between Lake Edward and Lake George in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Safaris in Uganda have much to offer in terms of diverse wildlife sightings and guests may even encounter tree climbing lions in Ishasha

Lodges in Uganda are generally small and owner run. Footprints Safaris works with several handpicked luxury lodges, which we know offer the level of luxury, service, and attention to detail that our guests have come to expect. Footprints Safaris work with partners who work with local communities and have a direct impact on local conservation efforts. Tourism has played a key role in the upliftment of local communities in recent decades, which as also led to increased protection for the wildlife in these regions.

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The Pearl Of Africa

Uganda The Pearl of Africa is blessed with a diversity of both Flora and Fauna with over 10 National Parks and several other wild reserves and forest reserves.

Major Destinations

Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park.
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On this trip, you get to visit Five of the Ten National Parks that Uganda has to offer.

You will be able to encounter unforgettable experiences with the Mountain Gorillas and the Chimpanzees in the primates Parks, you will also have game drives in the savannah parks of the Uganda.

Most Popular Destination

Murchison Falls National Park, Kibaale Forest National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Gorilla Tracking in BINP, Lake Mburo National Park (250km, 4-5hrs)
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