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Mozambique is primarily known for its beautiful coastline and island archipelagos. It is primarily seen as a honeymoon destination as its islands are remote and secluded stretches of paradise. The main country of Mozambique is still recovering from an exhausting 15-year civil war which ended in 1992, as well as several natural disasters when it has been hit by cyclones. Mozambique was a Portuguese colony and Portuguese is widely spoken and the Portuguese influence is felt in the cuisine such as Peri-peri Chicken.


Many guests will fly into Vilanculos and then head out to the picturesque islands of the northern Quirimbas Archipelago. This is the most remote of Mozambique’s islands and there are very few visitors who stay in luxurious accommodation. Relaxing is the key with low impact activities such as swimming and snorkelling on offer.

The southern Bazaruto Archipelago, though more popular than its northern counterpart, is still a group of exceptionally beautiful islands, which, on top of pristine, luxurious Mozambique beaches and top drawer accommodation, offers a world-class diving experience. Moreover, it is a perfect add on for luxury travel itineraries designed to take in the rest of southern Africa.

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cape buffalo and spotted hyena

Back on the mainland, Mozambique’s Niassa National Reserve and Gorongosa National Park are benefiting from conservation programs which are bringing wildlife back to these areas decimated by the civil war. They were once wildlife Eden’s and are returning to their former glory. Guests can see Lion, leopard, elephant, cape buffalo and spotted hyena as well as a species of impala, wildebeest and zebra particular to Niassa.

Mozambique is home to myriad cultures which have been influenced by both the Arabs and Portuguese that has resulted in an architecture and cuisine like no other. As well as the likes of Ibo Island, most visits would include a trip to UNESCO world heritage site Illha de Mozambique.

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​Bazaruto Archipelago

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These rich marine ecosystems are home to many endemic species and offer some of the best snorkelling and diving in the World with visitors coming to see megafaunas such as whales, sharks, rays, dolphins and turtles.

tropical islands

The Bazaruto Archipelago spans 1,430 km2 of sandy white beached tropical islands off the coast of Mozambique. These islands are not crowded with tourists, making them the perfect destination for a romantic escape.
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Pemba Island.

The Quirimbas National Park covers both area on mainland Mozambique and 32 islands of the coast north of Pemba Island. The region is home to incredible marine life, ranging from turtles and dugongs to whales and dolphins, and a thriving coral reef beckons to diving enthusiasts.

fascinating cultural and historical appeal

The Quirimbas have fascinating cultural and historical appeal. The islands represent a melting-pot of Portuguese, Arabian and African influences, while historic landmarks such as the old fort on Ibo Island tell tales of slavery, pirates and the ominous ivory trade.
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